martedì 29 maggio 2012

Vegella - spreadble chocolate and hazelnut cream

Who doesn't love midnight snacks? When I was a teen-ager I used to drown my heartbreaks in the sweet sea of Nutella;  obviously I still do nowdays, but it is so full of saturated fat that I decided to make it by myself, using better ingredients and, above all, switching it to vegan. My "vegella" tastes deeper like chocolate and has a slightly crunchy consistency, due to the fact that I've chosen  real dark chocolate and chopped, not creamy, hazelnuts.

3.5 oz (100g) dark chocolate
1 cup (250g)
canned canellini beans rinsed and drained well (actually a big can)
2 tbs (30g) organic rice oil 
2tbs (30g) chopped organic hazelnuts
1/3 cup (70g) soy milk, (already sweetened with agave)
1 tbs (15g) cocoa powder 

2 tbs (25g) sugar 
A pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg, to your taste

Blend the canellini beans with oil, milk and toasted ground hazelnuts. Melt the chocolate in a pan to low heat and add it to creamy canellini with sugar, cocoa powder and eventually, spices. Stir energetically to get a soft and smoot custard.
Store in the refrigerator, for maximum two weeks. 

I hope you liked it, let me konw if you try it!

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